“Ads are the new online tip jar.”

That is what bestseller author, speaker and marketing guru Seth Godin thinks and Tiip finally makes this a reality.

Empower your visitors

They tiip with their attention. You get real money.

A one liner of html and you're ready to go.

Visitors can close the panel at any time or tiip by watching a video.

Most video ads are around 15 seconds long.

By becoming tiipers, visitors give you the resources to create better content.

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Amazing features

Permission marketing

Permission marketing (aka opt-in) lets users decide when to watch an ad or not.

Free to use

No fees, only new revenues.

Tiip jar progress

Track your tiip jar progress with online reports.

All around control

Adjust the settings for your audience.

Easy setup

Add a tip jar to your site with a single line of code.

Dedicated support

If you need help we're always available for your questions and requests.

(Sounds weird when it's free)

It's totally FREE if you connect your own ads provider with a VAST tag.

No supplier or empty spots? We can provide premium ads for you minus a 20% service fee.

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What they think of…

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